Hello, We’re Zach & Grace!

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Our belief in wedding video

We see a wedding as so much more than just a day, for us as wedding filmmakers it’s a window into the lives of our couples. Whenever a couple invites us to be part of what is one of the most important days of their lives we aim to tell the story of not just that day, but create a memory that captures the spirits of the family and friends that join them for the start of their next big adventure in life. We love to see the relationships between the generations, watching old friends reunite and new friendships being formed. Our cameras simply become an extension of our eyes as we watch the day unfold, we enjoy every minute and being able to step back and soak in the atmosphere, the location and the emotions is what gives our films a unique feeling.

Our simplistic approach to wedding videography

We shoot most of the day with just one camera and one lens in our hands, our aim is always to authentically capture the day and so we shy away from cumbersome equipment in favour of a small and refined kit which leaves guests feeling comfortable and free to enjoy the day. With two of us shooting we can create a unique depth to our films. For us, catching those natural moments where family and friends unite will never get old.

How did we get here

We started our career in the fashion industry, exploring Europe and working at the major fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London. As our passion and love for photography grew so did our ambition, seeing our work published internationally alongside the top photographers in the industry encouraged us to develop our own voice and in turn sparked our journey into video. Our first fashion films, made on the snowy streets of New York, set the foundations for our ever growing collection of work. From working with Leica Cameras at the World’s first Sustainable Fashion Week in Helsinki to covering Vogue Italia’s breakthrough campaign #scoutingforindia in Mumbai, we have travelled the globe telling stories from the forefront of the fashion industry.


Why we became Wedding Videographers

As a couple we treasure our time together and the moments we get to share, for us to be able to create these unique and lasting memories for other couples is an incredibly rare opportunity which we cherish deeply. We are thankful to every couple who believes in our passion for storytelling and invites us to be part of their special day.

You can follow our journey on Instagram at @zachgracefilms