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Hello, We’re Zach & Grace!

4 years ago we started our career in the fashion industry, exploring Europe and working at the major fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London. As our passion and love for photography grew so did our ambition, seeing our work published internationally alongside the top photographers in the industry encouraged us to develop our own voice and in turn sparked our journey into film.

Our first fashion films, conceived on the snowy streets of New York two years ago, set the foundations for our ever growing collection of work. From working with Leica Cameras at the worlds first sustainable fashion week in Helsinki to covering Vogue Italia’s breakthrough campaign #scoutingforindia in Mumbai, we revel in the opportunity to travel the globe telling stories from the forefront of the fashion industry.

As a couple we treasure our time together and the moments we get to share, in recent years wedding filmmaking has become a growing passion that allows us to tell authentic and captivating stories of love.